Saturday, April 4, 2020

4 Reasons Why Listening to Music is Crucial to becoming a Better Musician

If you have never seen a game of cricket, chances are you are probably average at playing it too. The simple reason is that you won't understand the context of the game. 

Playing an instrument is the same. You may have the knowledge but if you don't listen to songs/music, how are you ever going to be able to apply them? To be able to test your skills you need to have an idea, a reference to evaluate what you have learnt. Music is something everyone enjoys, so there is no need to force anyone to listen to music. In this blog, we talk about how listening to music is absolutely essential it is for you to grow as a musician.

1. Context

Every technique that you learn, every theoretical lessons has a role to play. Songs help you demystify them. You can hear techniques being applied, scales being followed which, only strengthens your understanding of it. It is amazing to be original but even originality needs an inspiration and a reference to create. Listen to your favourite artists, try to imitate them and it will inspire you to be better.

2. Aural (Listening) Skills

You may have hear it being emphasised time and again that aural or listening skills are really crucial for a musician. Good aural skills makes you a more complete musician. Songs help you develop essential skills, a sense of rhythm and familiarise you with different dynamics of sound. These include melody constructions which, are very important to create good music. You start to understand the differences in notes and apply them by just listening to a tune.

3. Learning Different Musical Styles/Genres

There are so many different styles/genres of music and every one of them is unique. To learn to apply your skills so that you sound unique each time – it helps to explore different types of music. For instance, you would play a funk rhythm in a rock song! So discover new sounds and learn to use your skills differently to unlock skills to new genres of music.

4. Inspire Yourself

Songs that excite you inspire you. They inspire you to practice more, sharpen your skills and pushes you to dedicate more time to your instrument. Follow your idols, their moves, their techniques and integrate them into your playing style. It just pushes you to dedicate more time and effort to developing your skills which, will fast track your progress to becoming a better musician.

Finally, listening to a range of different types of music is a vital part of your music learning journey as it connects your playing skill to your knowledge of techniques and concepts. It shows you the application of the techniques you learn and encourages you to experiment more practically with your instrument. Thus, the more you listen, the better your grasp will be on how to approach a song or a certain technique that you have been learning on the instrument. So don’t just play your instrument, find time to listen to plenty of music and get inspired!

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