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5 Tips to Choose the Right Song for Your Voice

What is the right song to sing to showcase your musical talent to an audience? This is a question you must consider as a performer especially when you’ve just started growing in confidence about your abilities. A well-chosen song can do wonders to your musical growth and confidence.

Remember, there is no such thing as a perfect song - but a good song choice can make you sound perfect.

In this blog post, we address a problem that many amateur singers face – how to choose the right song to sing for your voice. So, check out our 5 tips to help you choose the right songs for your voice.

Tip #1 - The Shower Test

The shower test simply means the song that’s got you hooked, the one you are singing in the shower. You are often heard and understood when you can immerse yourself in the performance. The audience has a tendency to connect through emotions, so it is vital that you can feel and show an attachment to the song you are performing. So, a great place to start is to think of a song that you emotionally connect to or a song that holds some sort of meaning in your life. When you choose such songs, the audience feels the emotion behind it, this is especially the case if you are singing. Such communication between the performer and audience creates a very beautiful moment that will remain for a long time in one’s memory that marks you as a very capable and talented performer and entertainer.

Tip #2 - Match your Vocal Style

Ask yourself, does this song suit your voice? Rock/Pop – do people tell you that your voice sounds like someone? The way you sing? That’s a good reference. A song should come across as a part of your personality. Sing songs that tell your story, share your ideas or communicate your feelings. Consider a melodic song that will highlight your singing voice. A song with a dull monotonous melody will make your voice seem dull too. Let the melody do the job of complimenting your range and dynamics.

Tip #3 - Match your Vocal Range

Figure out your vocal range, Showcase your vocal abilities – choose songs that highlight your vocal skills like vocal range, Playing with Vocal Tones – airy, cry vocal mode, yarl, Vocal Modulation, Pitch Sustaining or even vocal improvisation skills. However, you must be realistic and honestly assess your own capability, it is always more attractive to listen to simple skills that you can showcase with full confidence than the complicated ones which you can only barely touch. It is important to challenge yourself but remember that when you are performing you should feel comfortable playing or singing that song as well. So, choose a song depending on the stage of your development that compliments your style. Tessitura – pick a song that is comfortably in your vocal range or change the key of the song to better suit your vocal range. Know your vocal abilities and limitations. Choose a song that will show off your talent, not your limitations. If a song is too high or too low for your voice, you will not impress your audience. There is also a possibility of vocal injury if you are going out of your range.

Tips #4 - Connecting with the Audience

This is a very important factor while performing. The whole idea of performing is to draw attention from the crowd that has come to listen to you. If you can attract them through your performance then you have done your job well as a performer. So, when choosing a song, do research on the kind of audience that might show up in the show and then decide what kind of songs would be well-received by them. For example, trending songs would be more popular among the younger audiences whereas an older audience would connect more with the classics or older songs. When performing, it’s important that your song selections reflect your audience’s preferences when possible. Think about it… if you were opening for Aerosmith, you wouldn’t sing something from The Sound of Music. So, if you’re singing at a high school or karaoke talent contest, do you really think your audience is going to appreciate something operatic? Knowing your audience can make or break a performance, because if you sing what they like, they’ll likely get into it and feed you energy. But, if you slow down the tempo and sing something that they aren’t a big fan of, there’s a reasonable chance that people will start checking their cell phones, talking, or worse, leave during your performance. So, always keep in mind what your audience will enjoy when selecting your song choice.

Tip #5 - Get your Act Together

Finally, don’t make the mistake that so many people do and not consider what your performance will look like when picking your song. When you’re on stage, you’ve got to be able to play the role of the song. The more you do, the more the audience gets involved and the more everyone (including you) enjoys it! If you pick a song that’s high energy, you’ve got to be high energy on stage. If you pick a slow ballad, then you need to be able to command the attention of your audience while singing it (this means do more than just stand there). The performance is always a good factor to consider when choosing a song because some performances take longer to prepare than others, especially if you’re not a natural performer. So, as a kind reminder, be sure to take the time to plan out your performance and if possible, practice it enough that it becomes a habit. That way when you’re on stage and the nerves kick in, you won’t have to rely on your memory to get you through it.

These points can help you get started in the right direction towards choosing songs that can make you a good performer. However, remember that it is important to keep performing to build confidence and stage presence as a performer. Practise is the only thing that can take you from amateur to professional. Watch the video here:

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5 Tips to Choose the Right Song for Your Voice

What is the right song to sing to showcase your musical talent to an audience? This is a question you must consider as a performer especiall...