Saturday, July 4, 2020

4 Things to Consider When you Begin Learning the Drums

Learning the Drums can be tricky. People are especially concerned about Learning the Drums because of the noise it creates, the space that is required to store it and the investment required to get started.


We are here to tell you that you needn’t worry about any of these things. In this blog we are going to talk about addressing all of these pain points when it comes to learning drums. We are going to offer you solutions to each of these issues because we believe that your musical journey should not be hindered, no matter what!


1. Sound Proofing                        

Drums are often loud and can cause problems to your neighbour. However, there are solutions to that. First, you can opt for an electronic kit where you can control your volume levels as per required. Second, there are cheap ways to make your room sound resistant with foam blocks, heavy carpets, etc. Here is a link to easy Soundproofing ideas -


2. Instrument Space Required

Once your fundamentals are clear, you should think about buying a drum kit to further progress your skills. However, drums take up space and it is a must to have if you are learning it. You can consider buying an ‘electronic’ drum kit which is smaller and more compact. Have a permanent space for your drum kit which will help settle the space and a proper setup for your practice. Try to set it up in a room with less windows and openings. Here is some information about electronic drum kits -


Man playing the drums.

3. Investment Costs

To begin with, you can invest in a practice pad, a pair of drumsticks and get used to the simple rhythm patterns before you invest in an entire drum kit. Here is a link to purchase practice pads -


4. How to Begin Playing

Once you have figured out the space for your instrument and solutions to control the volume, the kit should not be just lying there. If you are committed to learning the drums, you have to commit time to practice as it requires good coordination between your hand and feet which can only be mastered by repeating and practicing your exercises. Make sure you give time to practice drums as often as you can.


Next, get a hold of drum sticks as it is the basic requirement to start playing drums. Here’s an article about how to choose drumsticks -


You should then sign up on a website such as Music Pandit to learn the fundamentals of drums and get started on your musical journey.



So, make sure you consider all these aspects before you begin with learning the drums so that you have a smooth and informed drums learning experience.

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